Wolfhound, Trinity College Dublin – engagement commission

While my Pet Personality Portraits feature the pet, I am sometimes asked to paint a pet with a special toy or in a particular place. An example is a painting of Sarah and Mark walking through the front gates of Trinity College Dublin with their Irish Wolf Hound, Ceili.

“When I commissioned Sheena to paint a picture to give as an engagement gift for my daughter Sarah and her fiancĂ© Mark I had an idea, an emotion I was trying to portray.

After lengthy discussions, emails and a meeting, Sheena understood what I wanted and put her brilliant talent to work. I was absolutely delighted when I saw the finished painting, it had so much more meaning than I could ever have imagined.

Sarah and Mark had met while studying in Trinity College. Sheena did a beautiful painting of Trinity but also of Sarah and Mark and Sarah’s beautiful Irish Wolfhound Ceili alongside them walking from the arch towards the front gates. It was just perfect, and it is now hanging very proudly over their fireplace.

Sheena also painted in gold, two wedding bands entwined and after their marriage she will inscribe the dates in the bands.

This is a precious gift that they will always treasure.

Thank you so much Sheena for your dedication and your attention to detail, for listening and for all your hard work and for giving us a wonderful painting that will be in our family for many many generations.”

P. Darcy, Co. Wicklow