How I work.

Pet Personality Portraits.   I meet your pet, off lead if possible, where the pet is relaxed and at ease.  In my work I find the pet’s character is bound up in the animal’s movement, a twinkle in the eye that is caught in a flash in real life when the pet is happy, but rarely in a photograph.   Having seen your pet in action, ‘being itself’ in an environment where it is comfortable, I seem to have the knack of really understanding your pet’s personality and conveying it in a painting.

For people who are passionate about their pets, but who, for whatever reason are not in a position to have me meet their pets, I invite you to send short videos and some photographs of their pets that I might work from.  I can advise you about the material I need.

In the studio your pet’s personality is conveyed in clean, flowing brush strokes on canvas.  A wordscape, a portrait in words, about your pet is inscribed on the painting, resulting in a painting that truly reflects your pet.

The painting is framed and handed over to you.

See examples here of wordscapes I have received :