A Beauty!

A Beauty!


Lulu; A miniature Yorkie with a Huge personality  

I cannot thank Sheena enough for the wonderful portrait of my daughters mini Yorkie, Lulu, Sheena captured Lulu’s sassy personality in a beautiful painting for my daughters 16th birthday. Aside from the wonderful painting we have, we had a wonderful experience with Sheena from first photo to finished product. A true and dedicated professional. Thank you Sheena

Jan Lenihan


Tribute from a satisfied customer.

Tribute from the customer

Tribute from the customer

‘It is a great joy to find an artwork that reflects the person you are buying for as a present. Sheena’s Lurcher images struck with great force when I came across them and as a result brought considerable pleasure to the friend who received the painting ‘Relaxed Yet Interested’. Sheena shows an intimate understanding and insight to the wonderful natures of the Lurchers and Whippets who, with the Greyhound are the undiscovered & ideal pets for any home and family. The effect our friend says it all. ‘Thank you! Thank you! You are both VERY naughty. The painting is absolutely fabulous and I love it.’

Stefan Nyland

A request for a portrait of a person, as opposed to a pet,pushed me out of my ‘comfort zone’ as an artist,

ann-portrait-copy-2 The client wrote this testimonial; ‘Having my portrait painted had been an idea I held for many years. A chance meeting with Sheena brought this concept into reality and I was really thrilled when she agreed to paint me. My time spent with Sheena, during my sittings, was relaxed and most enjoyable. She took her time getting to know me and we had several interesting chats over coffee! An important part of her work is capturing the soul or essence of her subject. To her this is as important as the physical representation. When I saw the finished work I was thrilled. I unveiled not only a real likeness but also “the other I”; the aura which emanates from within me; I believe this makes my portrait more real. I cannot thank Sheena enough for taking the time to paint my portrait. She is a true artist with exceptional talent.’ Ann Co. Kildare

Thanks Ann for giving me this opportunity and I am delighted you are pleased with your portrait.

Lady Garfield

“It is indeed a tribute to Sheena’s talent, her ability to connect with animals and her endless patience that Lady Garfield choose her to paint her official portrait.
Lady Garfield dictated the terms of her availability for sittings and choice of poses and, as can be seen from the photo, she is obviously delighted that her poise and sophistication has been perfectly captured as befitting a lady who claims to be a reincarnation of Cleopatra, the queen of the Nile. “

Mary Rose and Graham Barnes,
Co. Kildare

Ruari and Regan
R AND R TEXTjpg“Sheena visited our home and spent lovely time with our two red heads Ruari and Regan .
She spent time with both of them in our home and yard to get to know them and see their personalities. Through spending time with them she really captured both of their individual manners and interactions. DSCF0157 copy

It is truly amazing to see in drawings and the paintings our precious girls come to life as we know them. We love everything she did. It was difficult to decide which portrait to choose.

All really captured their personalities as we know them.”

Kevin and Chuck,




“Have just experienced some work completed by Sheena for us and wow….she is an incredible artist. thank you so much for sharing your terrific talent.”

J. Buckley, Co. Kildare

Skoozie with her Pet Personality Portrait

skoozy and portrait





Ceili, Irish Wolfhound, Sarah and Mark at Trinity College Dublin


Wolfhound, Trinity College DublinWhen I commissioned Sheena to paint a picture to give as an engagement gift for my daughter Sarah and her fiancé Mark I had an idea, an emotion I was trying to portray.  After lengthy discussions, emails and a meeting, Sheena understood what I wanted and put her brilliant talent to work.  I was absolutely delighted when I saw the finished painting, it had so much more meaning than I could ever have imagined.  Sarah and Mark had met while studying in Trinity College.   Sheena did a beautiful  painting of Trinity but also of Sarah and Mark and Sarah’s beautiful Irish Wolfhound Ceili alongside them walking from the arch towards the front gates. It was just perfect, and it is now hanging very proudly over their fireplace.  Sheena also painted in gold, two wedding bands entwined and after their marriage she will inscribe the dates in the bands.

This is a precious gift that they will always treasure.  Thank you so much Sheena for your dedication and your attention to detail, for listening and for all your hard work and for giving us a wonderful painting that will be in our family for many many generations.

P. Darcy,  Co. Wicklow


Our dog died suddenly.  It was a shock, she was such an amazing dog and a part of the family for 12 years.

We decided to commission a painting of Millie for the family for Christmas.  The wordscape Sheena advised us to do helped us to think about the many facets of Millie’s personality. Sheena took lots of time to hear stories about Millie and really got the portrait right.  The family’s reaction on Christmas Day was an emotional one, as it was a surprise present.  The painting of Millie now hangs in the living room.  Rather than an empty space we have a beautiful painting to remember Millie in a positive way.

Alice and Jeff,  Co. Kildare


When we commissioned Sheena to do a portrait of Ozzy, she insisted on spending time with him to get to know him.  We are so happy with the final outcome as she has really captured the essence of his personality.  It’s the Ozzy we see sitting on the couch beside us every night.

We also love the painting on the coaster, cushion, greeting cards and key chain.

John and Zul,  Dublin







As an owner of a pitbull I am used to the discrimination that these dogs can endure but upon a chance meeting with Sheena she instantly saw the beauty within my dog regardless of breed.

She did an amazing job capturing the essence of Dallas (my dog) and I could not be more pleased with her work.

The picture, the cards and keyrings are all amazing and I’m glad to have these beautiful pieces that I can show my friends and family as I’m very proud of my dog and I love her dearly.

Leona. Co. Kildare