LULU A Beautiful Miniature Yorkshire Terrier with a Huge Personality

When I met Lulu for the first time she was the essence of a welcoming, happy and friendly dog.  I created some drawings and Jan chose the one she preferred.   As the painting revealed itself on canvas I noticed a certain expression I had not consciously picked up on when I looked into her eyes.  I showed Jan the painting before doing any more work and Jan burst out laughing.  “Yes”.

I had caught the wonderful sassy nature to a tee!  Lulu is gorgeous- and was a complete pleasure to paint.

Thanks Jan for this testimonial;

I cannot thank Sheena enough for the wonderful portrait of my daughters mini Yorkie, Lulu, Sheena captured Lulu’s sassy personality in a beautiful painting for my daughters 16th birthday. Aside from the wonderful painting we have, we had a wonderful experience with Sheena from first photo to finished product. A true and dedicated professional. Thank you Sheena

Jan Lenihan