Lola; a very loving and energetic lab, going a little grey now aged 6, with a distinctive white blaze. Her portrait shows Lola looking like she is laughing at something- and yet relaxed. Her coat is gleaming.

This portrait is one of a pair, Amber is Lola’s companion.

As a pair the portraits relate to each other, while giving each dog their own space.

Chinese inks on deep edged canvas.

Testimonial from her owner;


Fantastic Paintings by Sheena Meagher

 I asked Sheena if she would do a painting of our two lovely rescue dogs, Amber and Lola, as a present to celebrate my husband’s 80th birthday. I knew Sheena’s work and knew her love of dogs, especially rascally rescue dogs, so was delighted when she agreed.

Sheena came over to the house when Noel was away to get to know the dogs. The dogs were very excited at first with a new visitor, especially one who was so fond of dogs herself. But they soon relaxed after their initial welcoming ceremony and settled themselves next to each other on the sofa in the sun room in their usual positions to see what would happen next. Sheena took lots of photos of them there and then we all went outside for a look round the garden and for Sheena to get a feel for where our dogs spend most of their outside time.

From what she saw from the dogs and their relationship, she suggested that two pictures would be best, with Amber and Lola looking at each other. And rather than having them side by side on the sun room sofa, she thought they would look better in an outside setting.

The resulting paintings are fantastic and we are delighted with them. They really portray the dogs’ looks and expressions and they have been much admired by visitors to the house. It is such a pity that Amber and Lola cannot appreciate them too!

As well as the two paintings, Sheena also had printed for us some note cards with the dogs’ pictures on them, so we can share them with our family and friends. What a great idea!


Sally McCaffrey

Honorary Secretary, KWWSPCA